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101CountriesBefore50 travel blog was created in 2015 with the aim of visiting at least 101 countries before 50 (age). Within a few years we have managed to reach 60 countries on 5 continents. We would like to make our dream come true but we are not in a race. In order to see them all calmly, unhurriedly and with unrestricted satisfaction, we need another years to achieve our goal. We absolutely do not close to the countries in which we have already been to. Very often, we return to the places that amazed us.

Our blog is directed to people interested in independent travels in Europe and the farthest corners of the world. We describe our trips, write practical guides from the countries we have visited, share our insights and advise on how to organize a trip to your dream destination. We document everything with beautiful photos. Our goal is to encourage people to open up to the world, exit from their comfort zone and set off on their own dream journey of life.


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Are you planning to run an interesting project? Would you like to expand your advertising campaign for collaboration with a traveling couple bloggers, whose goal is to visit 101 countries before the age of 50? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We will show your product or brand in an interesting and unique way. We will express our opinion and tell an interesting story that will benefit not only your company but also our readers. We provide full professionalism and a reliable approach to work. We are sure we will come up with a cooperation that would satisfy both of us.

We are open to all forms of cooperation, and in particular to:

  • single posts or series of posts in cooperation with a given brand, which are mainly valuable to our readers and do not differ from the subject of the blog
  • tests and product reviews, hotels and accommodation
  • photo sessions of the client’s products in various sceneries
  • study tours
  • press trips
  • brand ambassadorship
  • contests aimed at promoting the client’s product
  • posts on social media channels (facebook and instagram)

We consider each offer individually, so if you have any interesting idea, write to us. Together, we will choose a form that will be beneficial for both your company and our readers.

Please contact us if you’re interested in collaboration with us!


  • I place in contest “II Travel Blogger Touristic Championships” organized by Polish Tourism Organization (2019)
  • I place in contest “Poland from train window PKP INTERCITY”(2019)
  • VII place in contest “Creators Gala 2019” – travel category (2019)


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